No More Black Targets: Social Justice Group Wants to Ban Black Silhouette Range Targets

No Black Targets, a social justice group, is urging for a ban on black silhouette range targets. The group argues that these targets perpetuate racial bias and contribute to the already existing racial tension in the United States.

The use of black targets has been a common practice in shooting ranges for decades. However, No Black Targets claims that these targets are problematic because they create a subconscious association between blackness and criminality. According to the group, this association can lead to the unjustified use of lethal force against Black people, particularly by law enforcement officers.

While some may argue that the color of the target is inconsequential, No Black Targets believes that it is a small but significant step towards eliminating racial bias in the country. The group hopes that their advocacy will lead to a shift in the industry towards more neutral targets that do not perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

Origins of ‘No More Black Targets’ Campaign

Collective of Average Artists acting as Activists

The ‘No More Black Targets’ campaign was started by a group of artists who were tired of seeing black silhouettes being used as shooting targets at shooting ranges. This collective of average artists, who had never fired a gun in their lives, decided to take on the gun industry with their artistic skills.

The group, which calls itself the ‘No More Black Targets’ campaign, is made up of artists who are passionate about social justice and who want to bring attention to the fact that using black silhouettes as targets perpetuates racial stereotypes and can lead to racial bias in shooting situations.

The ‘No More Black Targets’ campaign has gained a lot of attention in recent years, with many people supporting the group’s efforts to ban black silhouette range targets. The campaign has even been featured in mainstream media outlets, with articles and news segments highlighting the group’s work.

Despite facing backlash from some in the gun industry, the ‘No More Black Targets’ campaign continues to push for change and raise awareness about the impact of using black silhouettes as targets. The group believes that by changing the way targets are designed and used, they can help reduce racial bias and promote a more inclusive and equitable society.

Alternatives to Black Targets

White Targets

No Black Targets, a social justice group, has proposed a ban on black silhouette range targets, claiming that they contribute to racial bias and discrimination. But what are the alternatives to black targets? One option is to use white targets instead.

White targets can be just as effective as black targets, and they don’t have the same potential for racial bias. Plus, they’re easier to see in low-light conditions, which can be a safety advantage.

But some shooters might find white targets boring or unchallenging. To address this, there are alternative designs and suggested patterns that can add variety and interest to white targets. For example:

  • Bullseye targets with colored rings
  • Human silhouette targets with different colored zones for scoring
  • Animal targets with realistic details and markings

Using a variety of target designs can help keep shooting practice engaging and enjoyable, while still avoiding potential racial biases associated with black targets.

In conclusion, while No Black Targets’ proposed ban on black silhouette range targets is controversial, there are plenty of alternatives available. White targets can be just as effective and offer greater visibility, and alternative designs can add variety and interest to shooting practice.

Future Outlook

No Black Targets has made significant strides in the unfounded fight against discrimination in shooting ranges. However, the future outlook for the organization is still uncertain, and there are many factors that could affect their progress.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker

One of the biggest challenges facing No Black Targets is the opposition from Pennsylvania lawmakers. A recent bill proposed by a state representative would make it legal to use black silhouette targets in shooting ranges. This would be a major setback for No Black Targets, as it would essentially undo all of their hard work in convincing shooting ranges to abandon these targets.

However, the organization is not giving up without a fight. They have been lobbying lawmakers and rallying support from the public to oppose the bill. They argue that using black silhouette targets perpetuates harmful stereotypes and can lead to subconscious bias against black individuals.

More Paint, Less Hate

Another issue facing No Black Targets is the availability of alternative targets. While the organization has successfully convinced many shooting ranges to switch to non-black targets, there is still a shortage of options on the market. No Black Targets is working to address this issue by partnering with manufacturers to produce more diverse targets.

In conclusion, while there are challenges facing No Black Targets, the organization remains optimistic about the future. Through their continued advocacy and education efforts, they hope to create a different type of shooting range.